Want to learn Chinese?





* Are you planning a trip to China and just want some basic phrases? 

* Are you headed there to work and need a business course?  

* Are you adopting a child and you need some basic vocabulary for        that wonderful adventure? 

* Are you interested in learning Mandarin yourself?

Is your child learning Mandarin and needs extra help with                    homework

* Would you like your child to learn Mandarin, but haven't found the      right place? 

* Would you like to send your child to Suzhou for a summer camp?

* Would you like a summer camp for your child in Portland?

* Are you interested in learning Chinese Cultural Art? Would you like      to have a professional art teacher help with your art project?  

* An After-school club & Half-day programs are also available.

* A multi-purpose room is available for hourly rent. Ex: celebrations, seminars, workshops, etc.  


Our courses are as wide as your imagination. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to serving you in learning Mandarin Chinese.




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