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Skybridge 2016 New Year Celebration

To greet Year of the Monkey, We, Skybridge held a Chinese New Year Celebration 

event on Sunday Jan.17th.  In the event, we invited our guest speaker Ms. Li Zhong, 

who is the founder and head teacher of Purple Spring Calligraphy and Art School in 

Suzhou China, to present us her concepts on calligraphy art. The presentation was 

called Fun Chinese Oracle Calligraphy. She has many experiences working with students 

from elementary school to high school, also she has great passion in teaching. In the 

meanwhile, we also ?provided an opportunity with Chinese traditional dumplings making 

that attracted our guests to experience Chinese culture and have fun with us 

together. All the involved families and guests had a wonderful time with our Skybridge 

staff to welcome Chinese ?

New Year's coming!

The best Chinese summer camp in town

Every summer, Skybridge attracts about 100 students to its ten-week 

Chinese summer camp, a Chinese immersion program. It?s a theme-based 

camp. Each week has a different theme set up to the participants. 

Through a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, each student is 

given the opportunity to improve his/her communication skills in Chinese 

and to understand Chinese culture. Lessons and activities are well planned 

by our teachers and modified to carter for the needs of each student.

In the full-day camps, students read interesting Chinese stories, explore 

Chinese history and culture, learn Chinese songs, taste delicious Chinese 

food, cook Chinese dishes, make a Chinese style paper fan, and a kite, 

practice Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting and paper-cutting, etc. 

Students also have field trips to Chinese groceries and dine in a Chinese 

restaurant. They go to the LanSu Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, 

Oregon Zoo, Rose Garden, Hoyt Arboretum, Art Museum, Powell 

bookstore, local theaters and Farmers Market depending on the weekly 

theme, which connects them to the nature, and involves the community in 

the learning as well.

When the kids left the camp, they commented " I had a lot of fun at 

Skybridge." ?Skybridge has great teachers!" "I love Skybridge, and will 

come back next summer !"?


English learning camps for Chinese students

Every year in Summer and Fall , Skybridge organizes special camps for the students 

from Suzhou elementary and middle schools to do English learning programs in the 

US. Students usually spend two weeks in Portland and other cities, attending ESL 

classes at Portland State University, visiting local attractions, and interacting with 

American local people.

Short term exchange program

During the spring break, Skybridge always helps the schools on both Portland and Suzhou sides 

set up short term exchange visits in the name of the sister school. The goal is to achieve a 

better understanding of each other?s people and country, the culture, history, art and 

economic systems and others relevant matters of their people and country, to further 

facilitate mutual teaching communication and development. The program has been running 

successfully for over 5 years. Nearly 20 American and Chinese schools have been involving this 


( Winter Camp students visiting Cascade Heights, Clackamas OR )
( Winter Camp students worked with students from the Chinese immersion program in Woodstock Elementary School)

The Portland International School visits In Suzhou 2016

Short term training program for teachers from China

(24 teachers from Suzhou, China visiting Franklin High School)
(Teachers from Nanjing, China attended PSU summer training program.)




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