About Us

Skybridge International Inc. was incorporated in Portland, OR in 2008. In close relationships with Suzhou public schools and other educational organizations in China, it conducts Sino-US educational cooperation, exchanges, and consulting services. It serves as a bridge for students and the general public in the US in learning the Chinese language, and for both Chinese and American students, parents and schools in educational exchanges and cooperation. It also provides a platform for upgrading both English and Chinese proficiency, and deepening mutual understanding of culture and education.  It has obtained strong support and help from the City Government of Portland, USA, as well as Suzhou Municipal Government and Suzhou Education Bureau, China.


Our Vision 

Skybridge International will become the recognized brand for Sino-US communication and collaboration in the areas of education, culture and art.  


Our Mission

1.  To become the bridge that establishes and facilitates Sino-US educational cooperation and exchanges.

2.  To strengthen mutual respect and multi-cultural understanding among members of the Sino-US communities.

3.  To promote and strengthen the role of Sino and US citizens within the global community.






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